Tarot Spreads

These are the types of spreads you can choose for your reading.

 Relationship Spread -

1) What you think about the Person X?

2) What the person X thinks about you?

3) What do you want in the relationship?

4) What X wants in the relationship?

5) Where is the relationship now?

6) Where you want to go with the relationship?

7) Where X wants to go with the relationship?

8) Factors to be considered

9) Outcome in next 6 months

10) Shadow Card - Hidden Message 

This reading costs use Rs. 250/ or US Dollar- 5


 Celtic Cross Spread- This spread helps you understand a situation better

1) You

2) Your situation

3)  Foundation

 4) Recent Past

5) Short Term Outlook

6) Present state of problem

7) Outside influences

8) Internal Influences

9) Hopes and Fears

10) Long Term outcomes

This reading costs you Rs. 250/ US Dollar- 5-


Two Choices Spread - Are you divided between two choices this spread helps you get a clear perspective on which option to choose. 

 1 - What you feel about first choice

2 - What you feel about second choice

3 - Consequences/negative aspect/drawbacks of first choice

4 - Consequences/negative aspect/drawbacks of second choice

5 - Rewards/Positive aspect of first choice 

6 - Rewards/Positive aspect of second choice

7, 8, 9 - Three-card advice


This spread costs you Rs. 300/- or US Dollar  6