Julian Assange Guilty or Not

Posted on November 16, 2016 at 10:20 AM

Julian Assange exposed many offenders and corrupt organisations. But in wake of all that he has done today he is tried in court for a sexual assault case.

I asked my cards whether he is really guilty.

The cards say Yes he is guilty, but the women werent forced to do anything they did it willingly but later went onto blame him.

I have asked what is expected for Julian Assange's court trial.

Present Position - Presently Julian is alone but he is trying hard to keep himself strong and secure emotionally. He is waiting for the results and in this wait he is not worried but looking forward with confidence

Present expectation - He expects to recieve love, support, things to move forward quickly and happiness

What is expected - Here the emotional cards have shifted to more air related cards of swords and they show a nightmare, lack of sleep, remaining awake at night, stress, tension.

Hidden influence - This card is related and connected with a Women so the issues he is facing is due to women. And we already know he is tried in court for assault to women.

What is expected in coming months - 2 of swords

Lot of things would be spoken but he wont be getting a clarity about that he will feel things are hidden from his view. People will bring evidence, witness just suddenly and he wont even realise whats happening.

Outcome - In coming months the journey will be very hard for him from being a emotionally happy and trying to stay strong. Now Julian will be reduced to serious emotional turmoil. He will feel withdrawal, seclusion, walking away taking a spiritual retreat.

The exact outcome of trial doesnt seem good enough for Julian.

Lets wait and see what time foretells.

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