Vision Board 2016

Posted on January 8, 2016 at 12:45 AM

Life without a vision is like travelling on rough sea without a compass. A compass gives us definite directions and helps us reach our destination. Same is the case with Vision Board.

As the New Year rises on the horizon it’s the right time to set out and create your own vision board. And technology is right around the corner offering you best of Apps, which can help you create and save your goals.

There are lot of Vision board Apps on Ios and Google play and one such App which I felt is good enough is Success Vision Board by Jack Canfield. Or better still just decorate a huge cardboard with colourful images and write your dreams and ambitions for coming year.

Its said that when you write down your thoughts you activate the planet Jupiter in your horoscope. Jupiter is all about higher philosophy, knowledge, learning, guidance and Guru. Also the subconscious mind registers your thoughts more indepthly when you note down your thinking. So write down your desires for the vision board. 

Your desires should be definite and not random ramblings. Instead of writing down ‘I want to lose weight’ the better focus imagery would be ‘I am slim and trim’. Add a photo of your past when you were fit and trim. Focus on positive aspects instead of negative thoughts.

Instead of saying ‘I want to have a car’ stick a picture of beautiful car and jot down ‘This year I am driving my dream car’.

All that we need and want we just have to announce to the universe and the universe conspires to bring it to us. The perfect relationship, the perfect job and the perfect dream house, If you can dream it you can have it.

If the subconscious mind keeps on saying negative things like Oh I can’t lose weight since it’s genetic and runs in my family. Then tell your mind that you will do those things which will help you shed weight. Make a diet plan, join a gym, take the stairs instead of elevator, daily do an hour walk and if necessary meet a dietician.

Hang the vision board at a place where you will be seeing it daily. Focus on those things which you have not achieved, set targets. If in 6 months’ time there has been no significant weight loss then daily contemplate on what is holding back the progress.

Remember without specific goals life would just drift around and we will reach nowhere. So happy goal setting and vision boarding everyone in 2016.






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