Predictions for Hema Upadhyay case

Posted on December 16, 2015 at 7:15 AM

Aritst Hema Upadhyay was found murdered. Lot of answered questions are being posed. As i read through the newspapers i was left wondering. There were articles about how her husband Chintan Upadhyay is under scanner.

So I asked my cards what is expected for Chintan Upadhyay in coming months

The cards which came up are really bitter and painful. There are two sharp hurting sword cards and a cup card.

Well two bitter cards in a spread indicates painful situation. The first card is 10 of swords, well it could mean he will feel backstabbed, physically drained, exhausted and severely lacking in energy to cope with stress of life. Next card right in middle of spread is 2 of cups, which indicate some help from friends, relatives and well wishers yes he will get support. And last card to jump up is 3 of swords. Lot of my blogs are about the dreaded 3 of swords. I definitely fear this card, it gives me goosebumps. Well again in this spread it gave me a jerk and i could anticipate the worse.

It means he will be betrayed, hurt, disappointed, heartbroken and it will pain a great on emotional level. All said and done but is he guilty of the act? Thats what i wanted to know next.

So next cards are about whether he has blood on his hands

8 of pentacles, Devil and Page of swords

He has worked his way studying minute details of executing the case, somewhere he has done research and the forces of jealousy, anger, hatred can be seen surrounding him. He also wants to pass across the message of the emotions which had hurt him.

Without phrasing out directly these cards hint out certain situation which can trigger off the dark side of human emotion.

Time shall reveal to us all. Let us wait for next 6 months and see what is next page in Chintan's destiny.

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