Prediction for Indrani Mukherjees case

Posted on December 14, 2015 at 3:55 AM

Indrani Mukherjee case has been discussed in the media from a longtime now. Lot of delibration has been done about this case. 

Today i have done a tarot reading about this case.

The first question i asked the cards are what was Indrani's motive for getting rid of Sheena

First card Queen of wand talks about being in control. Indrani wanted to be in control of the relationship she didnt want interference from Sheena. The next card is a male figure, this card plays a crucial role indicating that its a relationship bonded by love. So the King of cups here in this spread indicates that Sheena was in love and Indrani was against this relationship. The last card which came up is so self explanatory. Its the Ace of Pentacles finance, money, property. Indrani wanted to be incharge of money, property, relationship and she found Sheena a obstacle so planned to get rid of her.

What is expected for Indrani Mukherjee in coming 6 months?

Present Position - Justice

Yes Indrani is surrounded by law and order definitely court will decide her future

Present expectation - Lovers

She expects to get power to make choices. Choices where she can decide what the future should have for her. Which lawyer to choose or what evidence to be provided inorder to prove her non guilty. Indrani wants choices.

What is expected - 2 of swords

Communications wont be clear. Indrani has closed herself and she is hiding things and not divulging details. Calmness around her will be there and she can expect to be ignored. But this ignoring and miscommunication on her part will create more issues for her as she can be misconstrued or misunderstood. She needs to express her viewpoint and tell the world what really happened.

Hidden Influence - World

If the case was not covered so much by media. Indrani would have got a easy escape. She could have used her power and money to get away. But the media attention is pushing the case towards a direction which is detrimental for her.

Short Term future next 3 months - King of pentacles

Indrani will get support from some influential person. This person will try to bail her out and push money inside this case. Eventually money will help her tide over lot of roadblocks in this case.

Next 6 months - 7 of wands

But Indrani will have to fight with lot of obstacles in her path in next 6 months. It wont be a smooth flow for her. She wont be convicted or tried for anything in coming months it will still take time for trials to conclude. But definitely she will have lot of problems to face in coming months.

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