Prediction for National Herald Case

Posted on December 11, 2015 at 1:30 PM

What does Tarot Cards have to say to Soniaji and Rahulji about National Herald case

Present Postion (KOP)- A very powerful card has turned up. This card denotes power, command and authority. It implies that though Mrs. Soniaji is challenged at the moment but she is still a powerful leader and cannot be broken or shattered easily.

Present expectation (8OS)- Inspite of outer power inside she is afraid and is feeling tied down. There are lot barricades around her and she is unable to find her way out. Her mind is unable to digress a way to channel this obstacle.

What is expected - (T) - Things will move quickly, she will just feel trapped and her world may come crashing down. She maybe unable to deal with the sudden onslaught of events and it could effect her health.

Hidden Influence (W)- Inspite of all controversy she will get lot of support from people and supporters. Because of this support she will not be feeling so down and things will pick up from there.

Short Term Future(PoC) - Within 3 months better message will come her way. Things will change drastically and she will get a insight or intution to deal with this crisis in a spiritual way.

Long term Future - (KnoS)- And in 6 months time she will be all set to fight it out confidently. There is not a iota of doubt that she will lie low or be broken down. She will act very strong and fight every allegation with all her force.

Shadow (F)- She could get impulsive and end up divulging unneccessary details or take harsh steps which could lead things to go bad for her. But overall i dont feel things could get very bad. The case may drag on for a while longer. But due to social support she can regain her confidence. Overall her mental ability will be shattered.

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