Planetary combination to be a Tarot Card Reader.

Posted on November 18, 2015 at 12:10 AM

Every person born on Earth is unique and special just like snowflakes. No two person have the same fingerprint we all are different.

And in this uniqueness God has given us a unique and special blue print of life. Our vedic horoscope is our blue print.

Very few people are able to read the blueprint of their life. They are gifted. Lot of people misuse this gift and whenever Gods Gifts are misused the person suffer deep karmic repercussions.

But why are some people able to read the blueprints?? Why are some able to access the Akashic Records???

This gift is decided by the Gods and Angels even before one is born. Just like Picasso or Michelangelo were given gift of art. God gave certain people psychic gifts.

Psychic people have certain unique combination in their horoscope. Ketu has a prominent role to play in this. Ketu being a shadow planet is not actually present but it exsist and has a strong presence in a persons life.

People who have moon and ketu combination. Or those who have moon in water sign like pisces, cancer and scorpio are said to be very sensitive to the energies of this planet. They are intuitive and sense things very strongly. They have visions, dreams, psychic messages.

Any combination of Moon,Neptune, Jupiter can even accelerate this gifts. People with such combinations can be moody, emotional, over sensitive. But they should always be cautious and use their gifts with great caution and help the society.

Any connection of moon with 8th house of occult, mysteries, hidden secret knowledge again signifies a deeper connection with the hidden psychic world.

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