Akashic Records

Posted on January 25, 2012 at 12:45 AM

There is a huge beautiful library in the astral world. This library is open to all. Its open without any membership fees or registration.

Definitely it as to be free because for the simple reason that this library is a public library the creator is God and the members are his children. How can a father charge fees from his children?

But as the time passes and man as fallen he as forgotten about this library and this blog is but a simple reminder to all those who have awaken from their deep hibernation to reconnect with this library and seek their path.

So what is Akashic Records well to put it in simple easy layman language. Akashic in sanskrit means sky and the rishis also the ordinary people of satyuga could meditate and connect with their past, present and future records which had been automatically stored in Akashic library.

The records are encoded in non physical plane of exsistence energetically. All that we have done in the past have gotten stored and all that we are doing in present also gets stored. But the future is behind a closed door and the future changes because its fluid whatever action we do now gets energetically transformed and it gives rise to our future which is behind a third hidden door.

How can one access this akashic records- when one is in tune with conscious, subconscious and superconscious there is total peace and calmness in this state of peace the mind is able to meditate and connect with the higher self, guides and ascended masters this is when it travels through the akashic records library and acesses the destiny.

Edgar Cayce and Nostradomus are two who had access to Akashic records and could read destinies of many people including future of a nation.

So its time to meditate and connect with oneself and access your own akashic records.

Till then

Lots of Light & Love

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