Controlled Remote Viewing

Posted on August 17, 2016 at 2:50 PM

As i journey towards higher paths of consciousness the technique which attracts me as of now is Controlled Remote Viewing. 

Somewhere during 70's Remote Viewing was coined as a term and later on it was used by American Army under the controlled program known as Stargate.

Apparently the Stargate program was operational for almost 20 years and after that it was terminated. 

CRV aims at using the mind in looking, searching, detecting for distant objects. Objects which are out of sight but can be viewed by minds eye or third eye.

This ability is called clairovyance or telesthesia and it helps in finding lost objects. 

As a beginner its best to practice targets and a good space for such target practice is


A sucessful score as a remote viewer indicates that you are gifted with psychic and telekensis abilities.

Will share some more experiments in occult and esoteric path in my upcoming blogs.

Happy Reading. 

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