Missing Flight EgyptAir 804 Tarot Predictions

Posted on June 8, 2016 at 6:15 AM

Present position – 7 of cups


The present scenario surrounding the missing EgyptAir flight 804 is of confusion and chaos. There are lot of options laid down in front of search authorities and family of missing people. Such huge amount of options are bogging the minds and no clear solution is being found


Present expectation – Hanged Man


Since the authorities dont know where actually to head towards so they are just waiting and holding on for some changes to happen. There is a stagnation keeping them in a loop and they are unable to do much apart from just searching away.


What is expected – 10 of cups


Family Reunion or happiness is expected. Not quite sure why this card turned up here. Lets wait and see


Hidden Influence – 2 of pentacles

The first thing that caught my eye while observing this card is the rough sea in the background. The wavy storm is creating lot of hurdles and that could be cause of difficulty in searching the flight and missing people.


Short term future – King of swords

Expect to get a message a clear message from higher authorities.


Long term future – 7 of swords

But in longrun there could be some secrets could be hidden away. Its not a promising sign of finding anything constructive just some manipulation and hidden agenda


Outcome of the situation – Moon

There would be confusion, chaos, melodrama surrounding this issue for a longtime. Probably because of non availability of concrete evidence and not finding proper proof.


Finding the plane – A women may take upcharge of searching for this missing plane. The search may continue for a while.


Overall – Accept for one positive card the rest of the cards are not clear in determining the correct accurate course of future outcome. The 10 of cups indicates positive outcome so i could say it may take sometime but with help of a women leader they may try to get some solid evidence of crash.



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