Hrithik Kangana Legal Tussel Outcome

Posted on May 5, 2016 at 2:40 PM

The papers are flooded with legal tussle between bollywood stars Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan daily. 

It was getting mind boggling and needed to get to the core of issue to know what is actually happening and where it will lead.

So the first query was a general question

The cards showed that there would be messages, news exchanged which is happening and daily they are trying to expose each other with all sorts of past messages. What are they expecting well cards say they just want to be happy and have a family life and longterm happiness but instead something else happened unexpectedly.

What is expected is that they would go on a serious zone of probing and deep analysis instead of just settling and calling a truce. Emotionally it will be draining experience for them and they will ultimately move away from issue.

In coming 3 months there would be lot of media attention and issue will get publicity. But after that in 6 months time they will truly feel hurt and betrayed. On the top it looks like a just another case for them but it will eat into their psyche.

What is expected for Kangana

Kangana will win the case she will be able to expose the imposter as she is ready to dig deep for info and paying people to expose things rather than letting it go.

What is expected for Hrithik

Hrithik will have a tough time and feel bonded and restricted and he cant do much. probably because lot of fingers would be pointed towards him. He will have to deal with turbulence 

Final outcome - the cards suggest a mutual agreement and settlement and finding a closure 

All that ends well. 

Lets wait and see what is coming forth.


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