US Presidential Candidate Predicted for 2016

Posted on April 7, 2016 at 12:45 AM

3 main candidates are contesting the US presidentia elections.

Today i laid down my tarot cards and asked the prospects for the candidates.

1) Bernie Sanders - Though Bernie looks a strong contender he is expecting things to normalise and stabilise. But a lady in question is a threat for him since this lady has far more chances of outdoing him. There are lot of societal rules, regulations which have to be followed but Sanders is somehow not upto it. Sanders may get very low votes and financial aid to contest and advertise his campaign. At the end though he will get substantial votes but not good enough to win.

2) Hillary Clinton - Everything is not transparent around Hillary Mam. Some peope are playing games around her. And these games are eating into her election funds. Though their maybe clarity and sucess around her. But she needs to heal the past issues which are ,muddling her current progress. Again the issues of restriction, law, societal norms, rule and regulations are seen around. Things can get better for her but not good enough to help her win.

3) Donald Trump - Mr. Trump is using any and all means to get the favourable post. He is using bad means also. He has fear of loosing and getting hurt. But luck is in his favour and he will get support from people which will overcome all the imbalances and troubles around him. Trump will reach a safe and stable ground. And yes celebrations are seen around him. There is majority chances trump will trump in this years election.

I rechecked my reading with dowsing and i got same confirmation that there is more probability of Trump winning. 

Lets wait for the results. Till then keep reading my latest predictions.

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