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Vision Board 2016

Posted on January 8, 2016 at 12:45 AM Comments comments (0)

Life without a vision is like travelling on rough sea without a compass. A compass gives us definite directions and helps us reach our destination. Same is the case with Vision Board.

As the New Year rises on the horizon it’s the right time to set out and create your own vision board. And technology is right around the corner offering you best of Apps, which can help you create and save your goals.

There are lot of Vision board Apps on Ios and Google play and one such App which I felt is good enough is Success Vision Board by Jack Canfield. Or better still just decorate a huge cardboard with colourful images and write your dreams and ambitions for coming year.

Its said that when you write down your thoughts you activate the planet Jupiter in your horoscope. Jupiter is all about higher philosophy, knowledge, learning, guidance and Guru. Also the subconscious mind registers your thoughts more indepthly when you note down your thinking. So write down your desires for the vision board. 

Your desires should be definite and not random ramblings. Instead of writing down ‘I want to lose weight’ the better focus imagery would be ‘I am slim and trim’. Add a photo of your past when you were fit and trim. Focus on positive aspects instead of negative thoughts.

Instead of saying ‘I want to have a car’ stick a picture of beautiful car and jot down ‘This year I am driving my dream car’.

All that we need and want we just have to announce to the universe and the universe conspires to bring it to us. The perfect relationship, the perfect job and the perfect dream house, If you can dream it you can have it.

If the subconscious mind keeps on saying negative things like Oh I can’t lose weight since it’s genetic and runs in my family. Then tell your mind that you will do those things which will help you shed weight. Make a diet plan, join a gym, take the stairs instead of elevator, daily do an hour walk and if necessary meet a dietician.

Hang the vision board at a place where you will be seeing it daily. Focus on those things which you have not achieved, set targets. If in 6 months’ time there has been no significant weight loss then daily contemplate on what is holding back the progress.

Remember without specific goals life would just drift around and we will reach nowhere. So happy goal setting and vision boarding everyone in 2016.






Starsign Forecast for 2016

Posted on January 4, 2016 at 6:15 AM Comments comments (0)

Tarot guides the readers with 2016 forecast.

Aries - Aries can expect some stability in finance, career and relationship in the beginning of the year. As the year proceeds they will have come across a path of two choices and they will need to focus on their inner power and guidance to get the correct path. The last months of the year would be slightly confusing for Aries as they may face issues with regards to hurdles in career and relationship and they would find it difficult to sort them out since the path wont be clear as to why the problem is there in the first place.

Lucky colour - White.

Taurus - Taurus the year holds great promises for you in the first half. Expect a financial jump, raise in salary or sucess in business. But there could be relationship hurdles after the initial months, be cautious while dealing with people. Expect happy family life and contentment by the end of year. Overall a good year for Taurean.

Lucky colour - Yellow

Gemini - Gemini females who are married can expect to get some good news in maternal way. There will be overall abundance for Gemini's this year. But the second half of year could prove to creating issues like restrictions and self imposed blockages. By the last half of the year many Gemini's would feel emotionally distraught from excessive enjoyment and could switch over to a more spiritual path.

Lucky colour - Red

Cancer- Hardwork and detailed research are in store of Cancerians. You could be focusing on enhancing your skill. Expect lot of spiritual support and guidance in form of friends or unknown strangers who could just clear the path for you. By the end of the year you would be a emotionally content and strong person and satisfied with your life.

Lucky colour - Aquarmarine.

Leo - Happiness, sunshine, birth of a new child, sucess is in store for the Leo's. But as the year progresses beware of someone taking away what belongs to you. Keep an eye on your posession's. Lastly as the year ends you need to bring in communication back into your life incase you have lost confidence and cut off from certain people. Then get back on track and communciate yourself.

Lucky Colour - Beige

Virgo - Confidence, style, exuberance are in store for Virgo's. They have great talent which they will utilise to get their way around. But by middle of year expect some hurdles in your path which could be a burden to handle. It could be related to finance, career or relationship. Dont get too impulsive and rush without thinking. Be calm at all moment and plan your next move or there could be trouble in your paradise.

Lucky colour - White

Libra - Libran's need to be careful as they may take up a idea without cautiously thinking of pros and cons. So take help of your trusted friend, confidate or guide and then proceed on your path. There could be jealousy, envy, or excessive desire greed on Librans mind and this could lead to disappointments. Overall Librans need to be cautious.

Lucky Colour - Black.

Scorpions - Style and attitude is scorpions favourite and this year begins with a bang. Stability and financial sucess is what in store for scorpions. But dont let these things get into your head and lead you down to a path of conflicts with others. Do expect to get some competition on your path.

Lucky Colour - Brown.

Saggitarius - Creativity, Art, Emotional balance, Contentment is what saggi's have in store for them this year. Expect to get some stress middle of the year but try hard to balance yourself. Meditation can make you calm and focused. And when focused you can achieve a lot financially.

Lucky Colour - Maroon 

Capricorn - Financial woes of previous years would be over soon. But dont expect sudden gains there would be a waiting period. This year is for you to work hard and wait for things to turn around better. There could be emotional turmoil. But be strong and keep calm.

Lucky Colour - Magenta.

Aquarius - You will be strong, calm, resilient and face all hurdles in your path. The fierce battle which is going on around you with regard to competition and peoples greed. You will face it and expect to have some life changing situation by year end. There would be total transformation.

Lucky Colour - Orange.

Pisces - Emotional and sentimental pisces need to focus on things around no longer can you hide and keep yourself tide up. You need to break free of your self imposed bondage. You shall experience happy family life around the mid of year. Be cautious of things around year end as there could be some people who could be trying to hurt you.

Lucky colour- Green.

Happy 2016.

Predictions for Hema Upadhyay case

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Aritst Hema Upadhyay was found murdered. Lot of answered questions are being posed. As i read through the newspapers i was left wondering. There were articles about how her husband Chintan Upadhyay is under scanner.

So I asked my cards what is expected for Chintan Upadhyay in coming months

The cards which came up are really bitter and painful. There are two sharp hurting sword cards and a cup card.

Well two bitter cards in a spread indicates painful situation. The first card is 10 of swords, well it could mean he will feel backstabbed, physically drained, exhausted and severely lacking in energy to cope with stress of life. Next card right in middle of spread is 2 of cups, which indicate some help from friends, relatives and well wishers yes he will get support. And last card to jump up is 3 of swords. Lot of my blogs are about the dreaded 3 of swords. I definitely fear this card, it gives me goosebumps. Well again in this spread it gave me a jerk and i could anticipate the worse.

It means he will be betrayed, hurt, disappointed, heartbroken and it will pain a great on emotional level. All said and done but is he guilty of the act? Thats what i wanted to know next.

So next cards are about whether he has blood on his hands

8 of pentacles, Devil and Page of swords

He has worked his way studying minute details of executing the case, somewhere he has done research and the forces of jealousy, anger, hatred can be seen surrounding him. He also wants to pass across the message of the emotions which had hurt him.

Without phrasing out directly these cards hint out certain situation which can trigger off the dark side of human emotion.

Time shall reveal to us all. Let us wait for next 6 months and see what is next page in Chintan's destiny.

Prediction for Indrani Mukherjees case

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Indrani Mukherjee case has been discussed in the media from a longtime now. Lot of delibration has been done about this case. 

Today i have done a tarot reading about this case.

The first question i asked the cards are what was Indrani's motive for getting rid of Sheena

First card Queen of wand talks about being in control. Indrani wanted to be in control of the relationship she didnt want interference from Sheena. The next card is a male figure, this card plays a crucial role indicating that its a relationship bonded by love. So the King of cups here in this spread indicates that Sheena was in love and Indrani was against this relationship. The last card which came up is so self explanatory. Its the Ace of Pentacles finance, money, property. Indrani wanted to be incharge of money, property, relationship and she found Sheena a obstacle so planned to get rid of her.

What is expected for Indrani Mukherjee in coming 6 months?

Present Position - Justice

Yes Indrani is surrounded by law and order definitely court will decide her future

Present expectation - Lovers

She expects to get power to make choices. Choices where she can decide what the future should have for her. Which lawyer to choose or what evidence to be provided inorder to prove her non guilty. Indrani wants choices.

What is expected - 2 of swords

Communications wont be clear. Indrani has closed herself and she is hiding things and not divulging details. Calmness around her will be there and she can expect to be ignored. But this ignoring and miscommunication on her part will create more issues for her as she can be misconstrued or misunderstood. She needs to express her viewpoint and tell the world what really happened.

Hidden Influence - World

If the case was not covered so much by media. Indrani would have got a easy escape. She could have used her power and money to get away. But the media attention is pushing the case towards a direction which is detrimental for her.

Short Term future next 3 months - King of pentacles

Indrani will get support from some influential person. This person will try to bail her out and push money inside this case. Eventually money will help her tide over lot of roadblocks in this case.

Next 6 months - 7 of wands

But Indrani will have to fight with lot of obstacles in her path in next 6 months. It wont be a smooth flow for her. She wont be convicted or tried for anything in coming months it will still take time for trials to conclude. But definitely she will have lot of problems to face in coming months.

Prediction for National Herald Case

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What does Tarot Cards have to say to Soniaji and Rahulji about National Herald case

Present Postion (KOP)- A very powerful card has turned up. This card denotes power, command and authority. It implies that though Mrs. Soniaji is challenged at the moment but she is still a powerful leader and cannot be broken or shattered easily.

Present expectation (8OS)- Inspite of outer power inside she is afraid and is feeling tied down. There are lot barricades around her and she is unable to find her way out. Her mind is unable to digress a way to channel this obstacle.

What is expected - (T) - Things will move quickly, she will just feel trapped and her world may come crashing down. She maybe unable to deal with the sudden onslaught of events and it could effect her health.

Hidden Influence (W)- Inspite of all controversy she will get lot of support from people and supporters. Because of this support she will not be feeling so down and things will pick up from there.

Short Term Future(PoC) - Within 3 months better message will come her way. Things will change drastically and she will get a insight or intution to deal with this crisis in a spiritual way.

Long term Future - (KnoS)- And in 6 months time she will be all set to fight it out confidently. There is not a iota of doubt that she will lie low or be broken down. She will act very strong and fight every allegation with all her force.

Shadow (F)- She could get impulsive and end up divulging unneccessary details or take harsh steps which could lead things to go bad for her. But overall i dont feel things could get very bad. The case may drag on for a while longer. But due to social support she can regain her confidence. Overall her mental ability will be shattered.

Planetary combination to be a Tarot Card Reader.

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Every person born on Earth is unique and special just like snowflakes. No two person have the same fingerprint we all are different.

And in this uniqueness God has given us a unique and special blue print of life. Our vedic horoscope is our blue print.

Very few people are able to read the blueprint of their life. They are gifted. Lot of people misuse this gift and whenever Gods Gifts are misused the person suffer deep karmic repercussions.

But why are some people able to read the blueprints?? Why are some able to access the Akashic Records???

This gift is decided by the Gods and Angels even before one is born. Just like Picasso or Michelangelo were given gift of art. God gave certain people psychic gifts.

Psychic people have certain unique combination in their horoscope. Ketu has a prominent role to play in this. Ketu being a shadow planet is not actually present but it exsist and has a strong presence in a persons life.

People who have moon and ketu combination. Or those who have moon in water sign like pisces, cancer and scorpio are said to be very sensitive to the energies of this planet. They are intuitive and sense things very strongly. They have visions, dreams, psychic messages.

Any combination of Moon,Neptune, Jupiter can even accelerate this gifts. People with such combinations can be moody, emotional, over sensitive. But they should always be cautious and use their gifts with great caution and help the society.

Any connection of moon with 8th house of occult, mysteries, hidden secret knowledge again signifies a deeper connection with the hidden psychic world.

Nine of Cups

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Today we are going to explore Nine of cups. A very special card but hard to interpret in different spreads.

Nine of cups is illustrated with a man seated and surrounded by 9 cups on his sides. The cups are sign of emotion and when in a upright position they indicate emotional happiness.

Unlike the 5 of cups card where they are lying down and spilling here they are upright and indicate happy times.

In the 8 of cups card the man is seen walking away from the cups he is leaving behind his desires and emotions.

 But in 9 of cups he embraces those emotions and gains happiness. It could indicate everything he longs for and desires.

In a relationship reading if this card comes up it indicates happy times are ahead. There could be lot of mushy love and joyous moments.

If during financial crisis this card turns up, expect the times to change and you could be doing better off.

9 of cups in career spread indicates a promotion, success and a raise.

Everything is well set and expect a good period

3 of swords and Death Tarot Card

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3 of swords

Swords are all about the element of Air. Air is the element which brings clarity but when adversely affected it can be mental unstability and sorrow.

3 of swords can be a harsh card in a reading. It comes up when one is expected to experience piercing pain, the pain usually is on emotional level rather than physical level. Its acute pain which can pull down the mental stamina of a person.

The surrounding cards can tell us a lot about the situation about to occur. Once during my personal reading i recieved the Knight of Swords with 3 of swords as the outcome card.

Knight of sword is a aggressive person who doesnt have any patience they can be impulsive and indecisive. They do not fear hurting anybody because they are quite self centered. The 3 of swords alongwith this card surely indicates bad fight which is going to inevitably hurt the person and bring them down emotionally.

Alongwith hurt and pain 3 of swords also indicates sorrow, disappointment, betrayal and rejection.

In an another reading the 3 of swords came up with Death. This can be a deadly combination. With betrayal and sorrow the card of permanent change comes up. So definitely the situation will hurt for a long long time.

Death is always a card of change and those change which will usher in something new but it will permanently end the earlier path. So if you were working for a particular organisation and the Death card comes up in the reading it could literally mean that you will be loosing that job and permanently but that wont be the end of the road.

It will bring in change and transformation for you. Though you may hurt for a longtime but the change wiill help you pursue better things which can help you grow emotionally and spiritually.

Its always necessary to be cautious and tread carefully when the 3 of swords come up in a reading. Even wiser to take a different reading and to ask tarot how to avoid the impending 3 of swords and if it cannot be avoided then counter measures to deal with it in positive manner.

2012 Tarot Forecast

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Aries - Year 2012 will be a year of communication for the Aries they will need to communicate their ideas clearly and directly. The Aries should decide to implement clear communication as their new year resolution and they will get better result throughout the year. Assertiveness will lead them towards a focused goal of earning steady income coupled with stability in whichever career they are in. Career will definitely see a rising trend as long as they are focused on their goals. 

Lucky Colours - Yellow and shades of yellow

Lucky Number - 1

Taurus - 2012 doesnt ring in happy bells for you. You will have to push harder and work harder this year. The proverbial energy of the bull as to be utilised to the maximum extend in 2012. The burdens of either relationship or career as to be bundled together and dragged along you can face considerable oppositions and this could leave you disappointed and hurt. But nevertheless remember that there is always light at the end of tunnel so keep going.

Lucky colour - Green

Lucky Number - 2,4

Gemini - 2012 says that its time to rest now. 2011 was quite hectic for you and stressful take a nap now, energise yourself and you will gather enough energy to celebrate and enjoy yourself throughout the rest of the year. Lot of workload will be coming your way in 2012. So during the first quarter rest and then last quarter you will have to exert your muscles.

Lucky Colour - Orange

Lucky Number - 2,4,6


Cancerian 2012 starts with a major decision for you, you will be at crossword with 2 choices. Either choose the devil or the soul. Once you take up the serious decision 2012 will flow easily for you and you will find that money bells ring your way. It may take you on a journey. A journey which will help you forget the hurt, trauma which you went through the journey will bring towards a calmer shore of new life and hope.

Lucky colour - Red

Lucky Number - 6


Leo 2012 brings in a interesting year for you. You will need to leave behind unwanted baggage in the first quarter of the year. Leave behind all the bad relationship, jobs which dont help you grow, leave behind the past and walk towards a better pasture and there towards the middle of the year around june, july you will come to a confident point where you will experience loneliness but yet a financial stability and emotional confidence. The year ending will bring in transformation on great levels you will see the end of lot of unwanted things and experience a new growth on all levels whether physical or emotional.

Lucky Colour - Black and white

Lucky Number - 8,9

 Virgo - 2012 rings in a mood for creativity, art, music at the same time it could be loneliness and gloominess for you. But then you will indulge yourself in lot of self growth and move towards a journey of doing good in society you will give relentlessly and serve the downtrodden. During end of year you will emotional, physical and mental happiness. Virgo's will experience a transformational year where they will learn to give and grow.

Lucky colour - Purple

Lucky Number - 9

Libra - 2012 is a year of great changes for you. You will experience sudden change in terms of career growth, finance and relationship. You will resort to learning and gaining knowledge. Towards the mid of year around August you will get some clarity about a certain question which seemed to bog you down. But you need to be courteous while handling this question and not being harsh or cold. You will develop new friendships and relationship towards end of year 2012.

Lucky Colour - Blue

Lucky Number - 10

Scorpio - 2012 is a great year for scorpio ruled by Mars. They will experience lot of happiness, joy, friendship and towards middle of year lot of family joy, either birth of child or marriage. End of year could bring in guidance from elder of  family and spiritual journey. Scorpions couldnt have asked for a better year then 2012.

Lucky Colour - Red

Lucky Number - 5,10

Saggitarius - 2012 you need to be careful of your mind. It could take you on a wrong journey it could mislead you into taking someone else belonging either the promotion which belonged to a worthy candidate or taking away your sisters money which she had saved for a rainy day. Whatever you need remember in the law of karma keep a cool conduct do not be harsh and rough with people. Saggi's you need to meditate i see lot of wrong harsh energies for you and it will lead you into a being a manipulative person. So in 2012 pray more and dont be misled from the good path.

Lucky colours - brown

Lucky Numbers - 7

Capricorn - Capricorns 2012 you need to be careful of where you step. Dont take hasty decisions especially during first quarter of the year. Tread softly and smoothly watch your steps. Be careful about people who can misled you. During middle of year i see that you are hurt by behaviour of people who have managed to trick you but dont worry end of year brings in happiness and contentment for you. So keep smiling

Lucky Colours - orange

Lucky Numbers - 9

Aquarius - 2012 is the best year for you Aquarians. You couldnt have asked for better the year rings in with happiness, joy, childbirth, career growth and prosperity. You will become confident around middle of year and gain lot of self respect. End of year brings in career growth in form of promotion, increment and sucess.

Lucky colour - Red and Yellow

Lucky Number - 1

Pisces - Pisces 2012 could start with some bad news end of a friendship or end of job. But dont worry financially you will be strong even though some issues could rock the platform for you in the beginning of the year. Be careful of your emotions and dont get carried away by greed, jealousy or avarice.

Pisces you need to take charge of your emotional front.

lucky colour - light shades

lucky number - 2,6

Hope you enjoyed reading the forecast. Please do share your feedback.

Akashic Records

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There is a huge beautiful library in the astral world. This library is open to all. Its open without any membership fees or registration.

Definitely it as to be free because for the simple reason that this library is a public library the creator is God and the members are his children. How can a father charge fees from his children?

But as the time passes and man as fallen he as forgotten about this library and this blog is but a simple reminder to all those who have awaken from their deep hibernation to reconnect with this library and seek their path.

So what is Akashic Records well to put it in simple easy layman language. Akashic in sanskrit means sky and the rishis also the ordinary people of satyuga could meditate and connect with their past, present and future records which had been automatically stored in Akashic library.

The records are encoded in non physical plane of exsistence energetically. All that we have done in the past have gotten stored and all that we are doing in present also gets stored. But the future is behind a closed door and the future changes because its fluid whatever action we do now gets energetically transformed and it gives rise to our future which is behind a third hidden door.

How can one access this akashic records- when one is in tune with conscious, subconscious and superconscious there is total peace and calmness in this state of peace the mind is able to meditate and connect with the higher self, guides and ascended masters this is when it travels through the akashic records library and acesses the destiny.

Edgar Cayce and Nostradomus are two who had access to Akashic records and could read destinies of many people including future of a nation.

So its time to meditate and connect with oneself and access your own akashic records.

Till then

Lots of Light & Love